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Real world experience

Our senior leadership has professional global experience with commercial companies, industry, regulators, government, not-for-profits and defence. Experience from the factory floor to the board room and from disaster coordination centres to field operations and war zones.

Documentation that works

We have created processes that simplify documents and procedures. This significantly increases their effectiveness and makes them easier to understand and faster to implement.

Partners that care

We believe there is no greater honour than to serve one's community and that we all have a shared responsibility in resilience. We take our responsibility to our clients and stakeholders very seriously and we are dedicated to the philosophy that better business makes for a stronger and more prosperous community.

Our Approach
What we do

Our approach

The key to resilience is awareness and the ability to anticipate the consequences of events. This allows you to effectively plan and prepare for minimisation of adverse impacts and to seize opportunities for building a smarter business.

Phoenix Resilience will be a pillar of strength for your organisation. We will build your success through a close partnership based upon trust, mutual respect and proven performance.

Our expertise, digital office, knowledge network and innovative resilience concepts provide high-quality, low-cost solutions to an organisation of any size.

To develop and test your resilience capabilities we facilitate industry best practice training programs and exercises.

Our work

Our sucess stories

As the saying goes: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Increasing your resilience through planning, training and practicing helps protect your staff, assets, customers, reputation and financial viability when adversity strikes.

Hear what our clients say about our work and how it helped them be ready and be resilient.

Sucess stories
See us at work

Read about tsunami exercise

On 31 August 2022 NEMA, QFES, NSW SES, NSW Police, GeoScience Australia and the Bureau hosted a joint-tsunami exercise to enhance national tsunami preparedness.

Phoenix Resilience was proud to be involved in this successful day. We assisted with the design, development, facilitation and evaluation, but the participants brought it to reality.

Response Magazine Oct 2022
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